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Preventative maintenance will save you money. To maintain vehicle 
efficiency you should have your vehicle serviced every six months or 
10,000 km's which ever occurs first ( for diesel 5,000 km's). 

Do you need a second opinion for a vehicle repair? Has your engine 
died ? Is your transmission acting up ? Where do I go to get 
Panel damage repaired ? 

Imagine that something goes wrong with your vehicle but you don't 
know what is causing it. You visit a local garage and ask a mechanic 
to check it out. Since you don't have any idea as to the cause of this 
problem, you probably feel vulnerable. 

New Zealand Vehicle Consultants can help. With our professional 
knowledge we are better able to " Convey the exact" nature of the 
problem to your mechanic, therefore the greater chances of receiving 
repair work at the right cost and to yours and our satisfaction. 

If you ask us a question we will endeavor to find you the answer, 
protect yourself ask our advice and receive technical support on 
repairs and maintenance issues. We provide free initial advice 
without any obligation. 


New Zealand Vehicle Consultants can help you benefit from the 
knowledge of vehicle experts. We will be pleased to advise you 
with clear and objective answers. To avoid making costly 
mistakes in repair costs its really worth spending a little time and 
money with us for the information you need and the solutions 
you want. Specialized advice involving those tricky complicated 
problems, New Zealand Vehicle Consultants will provide a 
competitively priced professional consultant to work with you. To 
deliver a solution by walking you step by step through the process 
avoiding pitfalls and ensuring you understand our tailored 
recommendations that will deliver results. 

We provide clients with a reliable source of information and 
impartial expertise they can trust, often the consultation fee we 
charge will often pay for itself. If you are unable to find a solution 
to your problem contact us today and discover all the benefits 
that New Zealand Vehicle Consultants can provide. 

Please note: New Zealand Vehicle Consultants does not at 
anytime perform actual repairs. We simply give a second opinion 
on the " Cause and Extent of damage" and the most cost 
effective way to complete the repair itself. In most cases money 
can be saved based on the inspection process. NZVC can also advise and source the actual new or used parts if needed for a repair. 

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